Product Review: Colorful Koala 28″ High Waisted Pattern Full Length Leggings - Yoga Journal

Product Review: Colorfulkoala 28″ High Waisted Pattern Full Length Leggings

Pull on these yoga pants for your next class or pair them with a baggy shirt for a casual go-anywhere outfit.
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Yoga Journal Review

Colorfulkoala leggings look, feel, and function great. We put them through all usual yoga legging paces—practicing vinyasa, hoofing it on a hike, and just hanging out around town—and were impressed all around. Longer-legged wearers will appreciate the high-rise waistline, while everyone can appreciate the buttery soft, breathable material that supports without constricting. The leggings come in full-length, 7/8, and capris, and a wide array of solids and patterns (we’re fans of the camo versions) so you’re sure to find a just-right pair for you, whether you don them for your next yoga class or pair them with a baggy shirt for a casual go-anywhere outfit.


  • 75% Polyester, 25% Spandex


  • Soft material with gentle compression
  • Unique patterns
  • Hidden waistband pocket

Yoga Journal Reader Reviews

I love the look and feel of these yoga leggings. They are very slim-fitting and flattering. The material is light and has great stretch, and doesn't pull or pinch in any unfortunate places. I am normally a reliable medium and this pair feels pretty tight, so next time I'll size up. The cheetah print is really fun when you want to mix things up and add a little sass to your practice. - Eleanor W.

I found my pair of Colorfulkoala leggings to be very comfortable and easy to move around in. I can do poses in them and there’s no feeling of constriction. I love the soft texture. I wore them for some yoga and as I ran errands, and the groovy pattern looked cute. They fit well and felt really good. Another sign they’re winners? My teenage daughter has “borrowed” them. Maybe I’ll get them back someday. - Jeanie M.

I liked the colors and the fabric softness. Felt very cozy. These ran a bit small, so I would size up if you’re between sizes. - Tania M.

I love the Colorfulkoala abstract print leggings. They are stylish and perfect for tall women. The large band gives you extra stomach support, which is an added plus! - Dusty N.

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