3 Classic Ayurvedic Detox Practices

Try three healing treatments from Ayurveda's classic individual-tailored detox program, Panchakarma.

woman taking a bath

Panchakarma, the classic Ayurvedic detox program, is tailored to your specific needs and includes many types of healing treatments. These three are intense, cleansing, yet soothing, and were the lead actors in the author’s seven-day experience.


A deeply penetrating herbal-paste lymphatic massage that encourages lymph movement by pressing toxins out of the body. The paste smells like peanut butter and is just as messy. The 20-minute massage requires two therapists, followed by a nice, steamy shower to rinse off. Afterward, the exfoliated skin feels wonderfully soft.


If you like to sweat it out, you’ll love this herbal steam bath. Your head, heart, and navel stay cool with ice packs, while your body is heated under a kind of tent. You will sweat out mental, emotional, and physical toxins stored in fat cells.


These nasal drops of ginger, brown sugar, and sesame oil pack a powerful punch when inhaled. You’ll feel your ears pop, and a warm, tingling sensation flows from the nose up to the forehead and toward the crown of the head as sinus congestion clears.