Ayurvedic Ambassador Radhi Devlukia-Shetty on How to Nourish Your Body, Mind, & Soul

Do a little dance and serve with love.

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Prashad, in Sanskrit, means food that is cooked with love, infused with devotion, offered to God, and sealed with a prayer of gratitude. In Ayurveda, it’s said that the energy, attitude, intention, and feelings you have while cooking are infused into the food. This energy is then absorbed and digested by the person receiving it. So incorporating prashad into food preparation helps nourish your body, mind, and soul, too.

Set an intention

Envision the meal you are going to prepare. Think about who you are feeding with this food and how it will nourish them. Reflect on how the ingredients will benefit their bodies and give them the energy to do good in the world through whatever unique skills they have.

Get present

Stay mindful while preparing ingredients and cooking. Infuse the food with your loving energy, healing, and nourishment. Speak positive words to your meal, listen to a meditation or uplifting devotional song, or say affirmations.

Embody joy & gratitude

Take a moment to acknowledge everyone and everything that had a hand in this meal—from the person who grew the vegetables to the cashier, all the way up to the sun for providing the light and warmth needed to grow the ingredients. Then do a little dance, and serve with love!

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Eat mindfully

Consume your food slowly, without distraction. Engage your senses to feel the texture of your food. Only eat until you’re satisfied, not full. Keep a thread of thankfulness while you eat. When your mind is appreciating your food, your body is able to focus on the important work of digesting in peace and with love.

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