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How to Move an Idea Through Your Chakras to Realize Your Dharma

Chakras are more than just wheels of energy—they’re the road map for ushering your dharma (your purpose, the big reason you’re here) to life.

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We usually hear about chakras in terms of health: They’re the energy centers within your body that keep you physically and mentally balanced. But chakras are more than just wheels of energy—they’re the road map for ushering your dharma (your purpose, the big reason you’re here) to life.

Imagine that ideas are floating in the highest layer of the clouds, called the akasha (upper sky). We don’t come up with these ideas—they exist, waiting to come to fruition through us. An idea drops upon the crown chakra of someone who is a right dharmic fit for it. You’ll never be given an idea that you can’t fulfill, because that idea chose you as its vessel to usher it into existence through your chakras. This idea wants to be born, and so it emerges in the minds of people who can fulfill it. But ideas are not unique. This is why you may have heard stories of patents being filed at the same time in different parts of the country, because two people were gifted the same idea by Source. The idea is ready to come through—it’s up to us to catch it and bring it to life.

In most cases, we don’t just come up with an idea and then immediately try to execute it. If we did, we’d be crazed, working on too many projects at once to finish any of them. First, we realize an idea, visualize it, research it, and take some time to decide if it’s for us. If it is, we may start talking or journaling about it.

As our vision comes closer and closer to fruition, passion and excitement move through us. At that point, we must find the courage to birth the vision into the universe. To make it sustainable (and not all-consuming), we must make it larger than ourselves and let it grow its own legs.

You may have one dharma that you consistently cycle through the chakras to further its evolution, or you may move each of your dharmas through the chakras only once. Either way, bringing any dharma to life will require committing to it for long enough to bring it through the chakras and into fruition. Call on various lifestyle practices such as journaling, yoga, visualization, and meditation to strengthen each chakra so that you can channel your dharma.

Channeling Your Energy through Your Chakras

We’re all looking for our dharma. The chakras are the compass that points us in the direction of where we need to focus our energy next. If your dharma is your North Star, the chakras are the map points that guide you there. The images below show how an idea moves through each chakra in your body before it is brought to fruition.

Illustration of each chakra with accompanying copy about how to move an idea through them
  • If you’re in the crown chakra phase, you’re still searching for that big idea. Focus on opening yourself up as a vessel to receive.
  • If you’re in the third eye phase, you’re thinking about what the idea will look like. Use your intuition to find absolute clarity.
  • If you’re in the throat chakra phase, you’re trying to find words for your idea and put it to paper. Perhaps you are stalled writing that business proposal, screenplay, or first blog post. Focus on activating your throat chakra by stretching your neck, practicing Lion’s Breath (a pranayama for releasing tension in the neck and jaw), or using aromatherapy (jasmine, rosemary, frankincense, peppermint, and eucalyptus are said to help open the throat).
  • If you’re stuck in the heart chakra phase, you love the idea but just can’t seem to see it through. Work on your heart chakra by practicing a few heart-opening asanas, like Ustrasana (Camel Pose). This will activate that internal fire so you can fire away at your vision.
  • If you’re in the solar plexus phase, you’re hustling away at your dharma in the midst of the grind. You may need extra solar plexus energy to keep going and find the courage to take the next step, or you may be ready to allow the next evolution by taking the sacred pause.
  • If you’re in the sacral phase, you’re seeking more pleasure, creativity, and abundance from your work. Activate your sacral chakra by doing some hip circles or belly dancing; this will help you find more joy and richness in your overall life, which helps channel your dharma.
  • If you’re in the root chakra phase, you’ve given way to an idea that is larger than you. Grounding and anchoring practices such as shamanic shaking will help you let go of all the tension in your body, enabling you to bring your vision to more people, and open you up for the next iteration of your dharma that seeks to come through.

You may notice that you consistently get stuck in a certain chakra—perhaps it’s getting bogged down on the idea (crown), talking yourself out of it (third eye), having difficulty communicating it (throat), feeling detached (heart), becoming overwhelmed by the work (solar plexus), getting burned out (sacral), or missing community (root). Matching your challenge with the associated chakra can help pinpoint what the issue is and what you can do about it to bring your dharma to life.

And once you recognize the chakra imbalance that exists, you can start to heal it. The result will ripple into all facets of your life. Suddenly you’ll find you’re coming up with more ideas than ever before and bringing them to reality.

Adapted from Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose by Sahara Rose Ketabi. Published by Chronicle Prism, an imprint of Chronicle Books. Copyright © 2021 by Sahara Rose Ketabi.