Male in the Modern World

In a special package on masculinity, YJ dives into how the narrow cultural ideal of "being a man" impacts folks in yoga communities and beyond.

Beginning in boyhood, American men are socialized to a narrow definition of masculinity—one that pushes extreme notions of being tough, self-reliant, and stoic. The cost: a toxic culture that stymies healthy expression and engenders high rates of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse among our fathers, partners, uncles, brothers, sons, and friends. How can yoga help us move from Man up to Work it out on the mat? 

In a special package about masculinity, YJ hears from three yoga teachers on how the practice has created space for them to access and embrace previously hidden aspects of themselves. Plus, a sequence for finding power in pliability. 

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Yoga teacher Matthew Lyons

1. Men Struggle With Body Image Too. Here’s One Yoga Teacher’s Journey to Self-Acceptance

It’s a myth that men don’t struggle with body image. Yoga teacher Matthew Lyons shares his battle with anxiety—and how yoga is helping him find self-acceptance.

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Yoga teacher Benny James
Trenton Jones

2. He Grew Up in a Homophobic Community. Here’s How Yoga Helped Him Find Peace

Yoga teacher Benny James hid his true personality and sexual orientation in order to avoid ridicule and the threat of violence. Here’s how he learned to stand in his truth.

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Yoga teacher Shane Roberts
Kelly Truitt

3. How Yoga Philosophy Helped a Former Athlete Reclaim His Softer Side

Yoga teacher Shane Roberts acted tough in order to fit in as a high school basketball player—until an injury led him to the mat to discover who he truly was.

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4. This Yoga Program Empowers Teen Boys to Express Emotions & Activate Politically

In his new Atlanta-based program for teens, yoga teacher Shane Roberts invites adolescent boys to decide how they want to move through the world.

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Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
Christopher Dougherty

5. A Heart-Opening Sequence to Embrace Vulnerability

This flow is an important offering that reaffirms strength and makes space for vulnerability. Heart openers ignite power, while resting poses help ground it in wisdom—so you can embrace the entire texture of your being.

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