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7 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the Heat of Summer

Slow down and soak in every minute of the sweetest time of year

Summer is a surprisingly busy time of year. Sunny days at the pool, family vacations, BBQs with friends—there can be a lot of pressure to fit all of the activities we’ve waited all winter for into a few precious months. This summer, ditch the chaotic vibes (and make time feel like it’s moving just a little bit slower) by practicing mindfulness. Here are a few of our favorite tips for staying present in the moment and taking time to look inward during summer months when you’re always on the go.

Wake Up A Little Earlier 

Even waking up 5-10 minutes earlier than you usually do can be enough to carve out time for mindfulness. Spend those extra minutes of morning solitude meditating, doing breathing exercises or stretching. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what you do, but how you do it. Try to be present and focused in the exact moment you’re in. Every time your mind starts to wander somewhere else—to the day’s to-do list or other random thoughts—gently redirect it back to the present. 

Make Time for Exercise 

A daily exercise practice is crucial for staying grounded and keeping mentally and physically fit. Whether you go on a walk or spend time on your yoga mat, the consistency of making time to move your body is a mindfulness practice in itself. Stay present in your body as it moves, and notice how everything is feeling. Bonus: Summer is the perfect time to move your practice to enjoy a little extra sunshine and fresh air while you move your body.

Write Down Three Things You’re Grateful For 

Part of mindfulness is being attuned to your thoughts and feelings, which can be hard to keep up with when you have a full calendar of summer fun planned. Gratitude helps us take stock of the good things in our day or in our life, and writing them down puts some intention behind the exercise. So take a few moments everyday to get in touch with yourself and what you are grateful for—it can be as simple as sunny days or a good summer read. A regular gratitude practice is also something you can do with the whole family when you sit down at the table together or just hanging out in the yard.

Choose a Non-Alcoholic Beverage 

Summer is full of occasions to socialize. Hanging out and connecting with friends and family is great for our mental health, but in our culture alcoholic beverages are almost always involved at these events. Often we reach for an alcoholic drink out of habit and without even thinking about it. This summer, swap out a cocktail for a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage from Athletic Brewing Company. Even if non-alcoholic drinks are just an occasional swap, the choice will help you stay more mentally present and in tune with your body.

Take Advantage of the Extra Daylight

One of the best things about summer is how late it stays light outside. Make the most of these extra hours of daylight by starting a summertime evening ritual—a backyard yoga session, a walk around the neighborhood, spending time journaling outside, or enjoying a non-alcoholic beverage from Athletic Brewing Company. By carving out space to focus on you (all while reaping the benefits of being outdoors) you’ll help better the relationship you have with yourself and give your mind time to slow down. 

Set Summer Intentions

Summer often feels like it’s going by way too fast, but being intentional about how you spend your time helps create the illusion of having more of it. Take a few moments to set intentions that you’ll be proud of having accomplished by the time the days start getting shorter again. Maybe you want to start a daily meditation practice, finish a few books that have been sitting on your nightstand, drink less alcohol (if so, stock up on Athletic Brewing Company’s non-alcoholic beverages), or take more opportunities to spend time in nature. Whatever you decide to do, directing your attention to a few specific goals will help you make the most of the summer months.

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