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Women's Health

This Kundalini Yoga Sequence Will Make Conceiving a Little Easier

Conceiving a child is a miracle. This Kundalini practice rebalances the second chakra for the possibility of conception.

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visualization, breathing, meditation

Conceiving a child is a miracle. Sometimes it can take time and nurturing for pregnancy to occur. Kundalini Yoga is a wonderful tool for conscious conception for both men and women. It integrates the spiritual, energetic, conscious, and unconscious aspects of a person, as well as strengthens the nervous system, balances the hormonal system, and energizes the muscles, organs, and joints of the physical body.

While all of the chakras come into play, it is essential to have a balanced second chakra in order for healthy conception to happen. Many men and women feel as though they are running on adrenaline, weakening their sexuality, sensuality, sensitivity, and emotional well-being. They lose touch with the natural balance that comes from aligning with the creative embrace of the universe.

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Here are four Kundalini Yoga practices that help rebalance the second chakra so that creative expression and our natural, robust fertility are aligned with the ripe possibility of conception. These exercises work for both men and women, helping them to open, allow, and drop their resistance to the natural creativity of the universe flowing through them.

1. Long, Deep Breathing

seated meditation, breathing, cat

1. Sit up comfortably with your spine straight. As you inhale through your nose, visualize your breath as a white light coming down your spine, expanding your belly.

2. On the exhale, visualize your breath as light coming up the front of your body and out the nose. Gently deflate the belly as you exhale.

3. Continue this practice of white-light activation in conjunction with the breath for three minutes.

4. Now begin to visualize your belly as an orange balloon, and let the balloon expand as you inhale and deflate as you exhale. Continue for one minute or longer. If you can sit with this visualization and breathing exercise for 11 minutes every single morning, you will notice a transformation in your creativity on many levels. 

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2. Fertility Visualization

visualization, breathing, meditation

Lie on your back and visualize your healthy body attracting your spirit baby. Send love out from your heart and express your readiness for your baby to arrive. Connect with the energy field flowing in and around the space of your body. Know that you are healthy and affirm it by saying aloud, “My body is healthy, ready, and able to conceive.”

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3. Miracle Mantra for Fertility

meditating in bed

Oncologists and reproductive endocrinologists are using sound-healing modalities as an adjunct to Western medicine with excellent results. Sacred sound adds another dimension that can truly alter your brain chemistry, hormonal balance, and nervous system.

1. To support your fertility, chant the Miracle Mantra “Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Guru Ram Das Guru” for 3–11 minutes every day upon waking. Do not worry about how to chant the mantra. Simply allow the sound and the words to flow from you freely.

2. When you finish chanting, sit in focused gratitude. Remember that gratitude lifts your energetic vibration so you can attract your dreams. If you feel stuck, begin with small thoughts of gratitude and allow the momentum to build.

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4. Poses for Fertility: Pelvic Lifts

Bridge Pose
Brooks Freehill

1. Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, the heels close to your buttocks. Press the bottoms of your feet and the palms of your hands into the floor. At the same time feel your belly softening and flowing with the breath, like a boat floating along the ocean.

2. Inhale as you raise your hips and buttocks up toward the sky, and exhale as you lower them down to the starting position. Practice this breath-led movement for 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

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5. Poses for Fertility: Fertility Dance

Fertility Dance
Brooks Freehill

1. In the same position, raise the hips up while arching your back; inhale and exhale deeply. Start dancing your hips, belly, and arms in the air. Lift your arms and incorporate them into the dance, allowing them to move freely. Be one with the flow of your breath. Let go of everything the mind tells you, and release yourself into the movement.

2. Continue this movement for as long as you feel comfortable.

3. To finish, inhale deeply and lift your pelvis up as high as possible while holding your breath. Exhale and lower your spine to the ground one vertebra at a time. Rest on your back and let go of striving. Stop doing and simply be. 

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