Hiking Yoga: 5 Readers Share Their Trailside Asana

Yogis share snapshots of their practice while they're on the trail.

Yogis share snapshots of their practice while they’re on the trail.

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Shannon Costello

Nov 14 In Focus Hiking Tree Pose

Saratoga Springs, New York

“While hiking along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, I was inspired by this location and wanted to contribute to the landscape. In Tree Pose, I can root down anywhere, feel stable, and move with the breeze.”

Terri Booth

DeLand, Florida

“Adho Mukha Svanasana is a great pose for realigning the body after trekking. I was on my way to Syangboche Airstrip in Nepal where my husband took off for a skydive over Mount Everest from 30,000 feet.”

Amy Kautzsch

Frisco, Texas

“My husband and I hiked with our three kids around Hanging Lake, Colorado, the scenic spot where he’d proposed to me in 1999. Balancing on the log, I told my kids, ‘No worries; let go. Be OK with your fear.’”

Amy Panting

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

“It was a beautiful day in Cerro Azul Meambar National Park in Honduras. As my husband and I trailed deep into the forest, I felt increasingly connected to the nature around me. I saw this tree in my path and decided to try a Handstand.”

Kalee Thompson

Nov 14 In Focus Hiking Natarajasana Lord of the Dance

Athens, Georgia

“It was the morning of my grandfather’s funeral,
and I needed a little yoga. I headed out to a lake in Brown County, Indiana.”