A Holiday Gift Guide Inspired by the Five Elements

Tap the power of the five elements to offer energetic harmony to everyone on your list.

Just as balancing your doshas in Ayurveda can improve your health, having the right mix of the five elements—ether, air, fire, water, and earth—in your home can elevate how you live, says Kathleen Cox, a renowned expert of Vastu (an Indian system of design) and author of Space Matters. People with a lot of airy qualities, for instance, might benefit from a grounding, earthy gift that eases frenetic energy; fiery folks who work and play hard might love a dose of soothing water energy. With Cox’s expert advice, we gathered creative gift ideas for each element that can be offered as medicine for the spirit. Tap into intuition, harness intention, and surprise loved ones with these attentive offerings.

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