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Home Decor: The DIY Terrarium

Bring serenity and greenery into your home with this low-maintenance decor solution.

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How to Make Your Own Terrarium

Consider it landscaping for your living room: Terrariums—yes, those bottled mini-ecosystems so hip in the ’70s—are trending again in home decor. “They’re a low-maintenance way to bring greenery and serenity into your life,” says Michelle Inciarrano, co-owner of Twig Terrariums in Brooklyn. Follow her no-fail steps for making your own: Fill the bottom of a glass bubble vase or apothecary jar with a two-inch layer of pebbles or sand; add a half-inch layer each of activated charcoal and sheet moss (available at gardening stores), and enough potting soil to cover the plant roots. Press a fern or starfish plant firmly into the soil. Top with a little petrified wood, stones, or even a favorite inspirational figurine, and close up. Place your terrarium out of direct sunlight and spritz with water once a month.

—Gloria Dawson

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