8 Creative DIY Holiday Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts of all are those made with someone you love in mind. Here are some ideas to inspire creativity.

Sometimes the best gifts of all are those made with someone you love in mind. Here are a handful of ideas to inspire creativity.

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1. Olive Oil Granola

Nothing says love like delicious andhealthy homemade treats. This homemade granola recipe packed with dried fruit, nuts, and warming spices is an ideal holiday gift.

Find the recipe here.

2. Chai Tea

With its warming spices and sweet aroma, chai tea is the drink of choice among many yoga practitioners. For a special gift, mix the traditional Indian spices in a jar and package it with another jar of loose black tea. Include honey, a box of unsweetened soy or almond milk, and a note with instructions on how to make this winter warmer.

Find directions here.

3. Yoga Mat Bag

Finally! The perfect gift for your yogi friend: a yoga mat bag made by yours truly. It’s practical andsentimental. Crafting this awesome gift should take an hour or less.

Learn how here.

4. Bread ’n’ Butter Pickles

pickling and canning

Sweet and savory, these crunchy snacks are also great on sandwiches and will keep several weeks in the refrigerator. Add a cute note to the jar and, voila!, you’ve got a neat holiday gift.

Find the recipe here.

5. Luscious Sea Salt Scrub

Who doesn’t want beautiful, radiant, and nourished skin? Homemade sea salt scrubs increase circulation, reduce the signs of aging, and help lubricate the body. And the fact that they’re made by you makes this an extra-special gift choice!

Learn how to make a sea salt scrub here.

6. Apricot Squares

Bright, flavorful, and delicious, these apricot squares are a great gift idea year-long.

Find the recipe here.

7. Amazing Quick-Bread Mix

Chocolate chips. Oatmeal. Nuts. Sugar. Need we say more? This easy-to-assemble mix for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Quick Bread makes a great gift for someone who thinks they’re too busy to bake!

Get the recipe here.

8. Chocolate

Chocolate bark is easy to make and perfect for holiday gift-giving. Wrap it up in a cute box and you’ve got a present that’s sure to delight.

Find chocolate bark recipes here.