Honoring, by Real Music

Honoring is a stunning collection from the spiritual and Eastern music record label Real Music—much of which you’ve probably never heard before. This two-disc set features an impressive list of musicians, including Emmy-winning composer Jeff Beal, Tibetan Buddhist nun Ani Choying Drolma, and German producer Buedi Siebert, creating an offering that’s as rich in musical diversity as it is in meditative traditions. From synthesized Buddhist chants and African beats to Western rhythms and Eastern string accompaniments, the album is successful in seamlessly combining sounds and lyrics from around the world. Honoring also features a 16-minute guided meditation by Real Music founder Terence Yallop, whose gentle voice resonates over soft flutes, leading you on a journey to honor those who support others in the quest for spiritual awakening. Still, some tracks—most notably the 14-minute ballad “Mother’s Wingspan”—linger too long, but in all this is a fine introduction to a modern Buddhist take on music.