YJ Asked: How Do You Fold Seva into Everyday Life?

Four yoga teachers share ideas for incorporating acts of selfless service into day-to-day activities.

Koya Webb, yoga teacher and international holistic-health coach

community, service, togetherness

“Our children are our future and the leaders of our next generation, so I volunteer each week to teach children about holistic health and plant-based nutrition. We practice meditation and yoga and make smoothies together.”

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Alessandra Montana, yoga teacher and certified sound therapist at Sanará in Tulum, Mexico

yoga retreat

“I share the magic of sounds and vibrations with my community so they may receive the benefits of this amazing remedy that elevates our well-being.” 

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Heather Archer, yoga teacher and co-founder of Mantra Muse

Yoga and Animals, puppies, beach

“Rescuing neglected or hurt animals has always been close to my heart. I carry a leash and treats in my car, always stopping to help any animal in need. I might foster them until their light returns, and then I find them a forever home.”

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Jess Frey, Kripalu yoga teacher at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

mala notebook writing

“I find seva to be an act that merges karma (action) and bhakti (devotion, love) yoga. I create love notes that say, ‘You matter and I care,’ and snail-mail them to friends. I also make homemade ghee, that I chant mantra into, for my friends. And I randomly smile and say ‘hi’ to people—which seems so silly, but these days it’s rare that we connect eye to eye, or see another human, heart to heart.”

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