Power & Precision: Power Yoga for Beginners with Baron Baptiste

baron baptiste Ardha Chandrasana half moon pose

The program is divided into four sections, each named for one of the traditional elements. "Water" moves through two variations of Sun Salutation. "Fire" consists of a series of familiar standing postures. "Earth" includes both balancing standing postures and backbends. "Wind" works with floor exercises like abdominal strengtheners, groin and hip openers, and a sitting forward bend and twist, and finishes with a short breathing exercise. The sections may be done individually or in combination for a shorter or longer practice. Baptiste, who owns Power Yoga centers in both Boston and Philadelphia, has a sincere presence and expressive delivery. He emphasizes both the physical challenges of the practice, as well as its more meditative qualities. But, as noted last issue, it seems to me that the term "Power Yoga" is redundant, since power, along with health and self-knowledge, has always been one of the implied goals of hatha yoga. Nevertheless, this session would be an inspiring practice companion for experienced beginners and intermediate students.