Sitting Fit Anytime: Chair Yoga with Susan Winter Ward

Included in these nine short sitting yoga sessions are exercises for the head, neck, and shoulders, hands and wrists, arms and upper back, hips and lower back, hamstrings, abdominals, feet, breathing awareness, and a concluding “meditation” (which is more properly a visualization). This is a nicely done presentation by Ward, best known for her seniors-oriented “Yoga for the Young at Heart.” It’s possible to do the exercises singly, if you have only a few minutes free, or all together as a longer practice. The work is simple and effective, clearly and pleasantly instructed, and it covers all important body parts and areas. It’s unlikely that you can “get fit” by doing these gentle exercises, or do them “anytime” (in a car or plane as the advertising suggests), but I highly recommend this tape for people who are temporarily or permanently disabled, or who want a quick lunch-time stretch in their office chair or a mild practice at the end of a hard day.