The American Physical Therapy Association Book of Body Maintenance and Repair by Marilyn Moffat and Steve Vickery; illustrations by Terry Boles


Henry Holt

In this comprehensive treatment of the mechanics and problems of the musculoskeletal system, Part One examines the various components of that system (with chapters devoted to "The Back," "The Neck," "The Wrist and Hand," "The Knee," etc.); Part Two considers the ways we work with it ("Posture," "Gait," "Body Mechanics," "Body Weight," etc.); and Part Three provides exercises to enhance strength, endurance, and flexibility. Apart from a brief passage describing yoga (curiously, it comes at the end of a section on "Team Sports," right after weight training), there's not much here aimed at the yoga student. However, most yogis would benefit from the clear illustrations and discussions of anatomy, especially injuries and other problems that can occur in joints and muscles.