The Yogi's Companion with Lauren Peterson


Available from Prabhu Music,, (877) 466-2583; 90 min.; $21.99.

This packed 90 minutes of instruction is spread over six CD tracks. The first, "Starting Out,"
includes a modified Sun Salutation, along with some simple standing postures and Cobra. "Stoking the
Fire," the longest track at 20 minutes, covers two more versions of Sun Salutation and two "flowing"
sequences-the first standing postures, the second both standing and strength postures. More standing
postures follow in "Getting Centered," which features balancing positions like Half Moon. The
fourth track, aptly named "Challenge Yourself," rolls out the heavy artillery: Forearm Balance,
Handstand, and a couple of arm-balance postures you rarely, if ever, find in instructional
tapes-Pressure-on-the-Arm Posture and Firefly Pose, which are pictured (along with the 100-some
other oses in this program) in the accompanying 22-by-24-inch poster. "On the Floor" includes both
Boat poses (full and half), a sitting forward bend, Bridge and Upward Bow, Shoulderstand, and
Headstand. The shortest track, "Connecting," is almost an afterthought, finishing with brief
comments about Corpse Pose.

Peterson, who teaches yoga at Malibu Fitness in Malibu, California, and frequently models for Yoga
Journal, knows her material inside and out and provides detailed instruction, accessible alternative
postures for all levels of students (save for Track 4, which is specifically geared to more advanced
students), and a keen understanding of alignment and sequencing. The only fault I could find with The
Yogi's Companion
stems from the background music, which consists of a selection of traditional mantras
(like the Gayatri) sung by Deva Premal. Her singing is beautiful, but here, it and the accompaniment
compete with Peterson's voice, which is quite expressive but soft-spoken and nearly drowned out by the
music's volume. That cavil aside, this is an expertly conducted session.