Yoga for Rebalancing Body,Mind & Spirit with Todd Norian


P.O. Box 279, West Stockbridge, MA 01266;; CD, 74 min.; $19

Yoga teacher Todd Norian is a Phoenix Rising Yoga therapist in Lenox, Massachusetts. His latest CD offers a generous 28-posture sequence, beginning with a centering exercise. Sun Salutation, standing postures, "baby" backbends, forward bends, a Headstand preparation, half Shoulderstand, a reclining twist, and a long relaxation follow. Norian is an excellent teacher. His clear instructions are supported by vivid imagery and visualizations. His wide-ranging understanding of alignment and the psychological and symbolic meaning of the postures makes for an enjoyable presentation. He suggests ways to reprogram the main posture sequence for shorter flow sequences (of 60, 45, 30, and 20 minutes); for specific practices such as strength, balance, and different groups of postures; and for special conditions like lower back pain and menstruation. This is a valuable addition to anyone's yoga tape library.

Contributing editor Richard Rosen teaches yoga in Berkeley and Oakland, CA.