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Pop-Up Yoga Classes: Impromptu Asana Is Trending

Yoga classes are popping up in public libraries, city parks, and other public locations.
Jan 2015 Buzz PopUp Yoga

It’s easier than ever to find yoga classes wherever you are—say, a coffee shop or museum while strolling around town—thanks to pop-up yoga groups forming in major cities and their social-media campaigns. Aly Starkovich, yoga teacher and co-founder of Pop-Up Yoga Philly, has organized classes in refurbished factories, Love Park, and the Free Library of Philadelphia since she started the group last January, and she’s amassed more than 1,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.

“It’s connected me with the community, and I’ve had a chance to meet so many different people from all over Philadelphia,” Starkovich says. While some pop-up classes are impromptu and come together within a matter of days, others take about a month of planning to secure permits. They’re often donation based for charities, and many groups bring in live bands to fuel the fun.

How to Find a Pop-Up Yoga Class

To find an event in your neighborhood, search for “pop-up yoga” and your city name on Twitter or Facebook.

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