Indulge With These Self-Care Helpers

Treat yourself to some simple indulgences like dark chocolate and nice lotion.

Whether you’ve had a rough week, rough month, or simply want a relaxing day, you deserve to pamper yourself. Indulging in little things like chocolates and lotions are sweet additions to your self-care routine, and they have health benefits too.  Relax and unwind with these simple delights.

Alter Eco – Classic Blackout Organic Dark Chocolate

Satisfy your chocolate craving with this organic and fair trade dark chocolate bar. The rich cacao has a creamy finish and a fruitiness to the taste, making it burst with flavor. Plus, it’s a carbon neutral product so it’s good for the environment—and your cravings.

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Amp Human's D+ Lotion

Human Amp – D+ Lotion

Hydrate your skin while getting a powerful burst of vitamin D. Two pumps is all it takes to get over 5,000 IU’s of vitamin D3 which supports your immune system, bone strength, and cardiovascular health. Plus, the gel contains aloe vera leaf juice which is extremely hydrating and reduces acne and inflammation.

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The Yukon Soaps Company – Petals + Patchouli

Lather up in a warm bath with this luxurious bar of soap made with calendula flower petals and the patchouli herb, and enjoy the fragrances of the dried fireweed, cornflower, and wild rose. The Yukon Soap Company is indigenous-owned, and all of their artisan soaps are hand crafted.

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Just Love – Plush Robe

Lounge around in this ultra-soft robe. The scalloped pattern is finished with high quality materials so it won’t rip, and its design provides a comfortable fit around the shoulders and arms. You can relax in style.

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