Inner Body Flow with Angela Farmer

Hands on Health; 311 S. Pennsylvania St.,

Denver, CO 80209; (303) 778-9321;; 83 min.

Amazingly, this is Angela Farmer’s first instructional video. (Feminine Unfolding, which appeared a couple of years ago, was primarily autobiographical.) Considering the plethora of yoga videos available nowadays, it’s a shame that the work of one of our most significant teachers hasn’t been more fully documented.

This session was filmed during Farmer’s annual women’s retreat in Northern California. Her approach is aptly called Inner Body Flow, for two reasons: First, she encourages the poses to flow out of the subtle “inner body” (or, more specifically, its energetic reservoir in the belly); second, she further encourages her students to perform each pose in a flowing or sinuous way to amplify and channel the released energy. So unlike the relatively fixed poses of many yoga styles, Farmer’s are in constant rhythmic movement, spontaneously revealing and expressing the pulsing nature of life energy.

Her demonstration of the poses perfectly embodies the Bhagavad Gita’s
definition of yoga as “skill in action,” which she then translates beautifully into her instructions. If you’re a serious student, regardless of your yoga stripe, you’ll undoubtedly want a copy of this video.

Contributing editor Richard Rosen teaches yoga in Northern California.