Inspired Minds: Drew & Myra Goodman


Twenty years ago, drew and myra goodman started selling organic raspberries grown on their 2Q-acre garden in Carmel Valley, California. Nowadays their company, Earthbound Farm, utilizes 20,000 certified organic acres, sells produce in 70 percent of America's supermarkets, and stands at the heart of the organic revolution.

Yoga Journal: Why is it important to eat organic foods,
spiritually speaking?

Myra Goodman: Almost any spiritual practice talks about how everything is interconnected. There's a Buddhist prayer that gives thanks for all the elements that have gone into our food—from the sun, moon, and rain to the field workers. Organic farming works in cooperation with and respect for the earth. Conventional farming is more of a battle with Mother Nature, trying to grow at a certain speed, using pesticides that kill. When you eat organic, you're bolstering the health of the earth as opposed to depleting it.

Drew Goodman: There's also an element of inspiring change through your buying habits. Everyone likes to be part of something that's greater than the immediate self. And there's something inherently gratifying about helping bring about evolution or change through how you spend your money and live your life.

YJ: Do you have a regular spiritual practice?

MG: We have our own brand of spirituality. About 10 years ago, we went to the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and took a meditation class. Drew had an easy time being present—he's more naturally in the calm zone—but I struggled. So I started a Zen Buddhist sitting practice and have a small room at home where I meditate. I like to say that my husband's spiritual practice is sports. He finds peace on the golf course with his friends or while playing basketball with our kids.

YJ: You've found work you love. Any advice on how others can do the same?

MG: Salad in a bag was a product we made for ourselves. If you create a business based on the values that are important to you, then you'll create something that's integral to the world.