Is there, or isn't there, seaweed in Lululemon clothes?


The New York Times reported last Wednesday that it had commissioned a laboratory test of a Lululemon shirt made of VitaSea, a fabric supposedly made from seaweed, and found "there was no significant difference in mineral levels between the VitaSea fabric and cotton T-shirts." Then, on Friday, after Canadian regulators contacted the company, Lululemon agreed to remove all claims of therapeutic benefits from its VitaSea clothes sold in Canada. According to product tags, VitaSea "releases marine amino acids, minerals and vitamins into the skin upon contact with moisture." However, the Canadian Press agency reports that "Lululemon Athletica Inc. says new independent tests conducted as recently as Wednesday night confirm the content of the VitaSea product line to be 'consistent with the garment care and content labels.'" I'm all for being honest about the content of natural products, but I wonder if the Times was being 100 percent ethical since it admits that it "commissioned its test after an investor who is shorting Lululemon’s stock—betting that its price will fall" tipped off reporters. Thoughts?