Jennilyn Carson 
(aka YogaDork) is Seriously Silly

What you need to know about this adorable yogi.
Jennilyn Carson

When she's not breaking stories from inside the yoga world on her blog—tongue often fully in cheek—funny girl Jennilyn Carson teaches alignment-based vinyasa and prenatal yoga at studios in New York City. Her profession gives her an insider's eye on the quirks and excesses of the yoga community, which she cheerfully lampoons (think IFC's Portlandia, the yoga version) on YogaDork, a mash-up of industry news and scandals, the latest in clothing and gear, and yoga's pop culture moments. With 350,000 page views a month and more than 92,000 Facebook fans, YogaDork is a contender for best-loved yoga blog. While Carson typically keeps her identity hidden behind the computer screen, she's sharing her expertise on yoga's online evolution in an SXSW Interactive panel this month. "I believe the Internet is a powerful tool for bringing important issues to light," says Carson. "But it's important to keep a balance and not take life too seriously."


Personal Mantra: "You're exactly where you need to be right now."

Years of committed yoga practice: 7

Favorite funny post:Hot New Yoga Beers

Reboot-me poses: Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) and Balasana (Child's Pose)

YogaDork mat name: Ms. Sweaty Toes

Go-to yoga teachers: Tzahi Moskovitz, Paula Liberis, Marco Rojas

Most popular YogaDork topic on social media? "Lululemon" (mostly the see-through pantscapade)

Number of day jobs: 3 (yoga teacher, doula, ballet teacher)

Minutes spent meditating each day: 20, sometimes while bouncing on a trampoline

Number of Twitter followers: 40,790

Blog posts on Yoga Dork: 2,293, and counting