Kronos Quartet: Kronos Caravan



In 1992, Kronos Quartet simultaneously conquered the classical and world music charts with their best-selling Pieces of Africa. On Kronos Caravan, violinists David Harrington and John Sherba, violist Hank Dutt, and cellist Jennifer Culp put their strings through another world of changes, exploring an even vaster geographical territory through compositions rooted in the cultures of ancient "Pannonia," the European-Mediterranean-Asian nexus that ranges from Portugal through Hungary, Turkey, Romania, and Lebanon, to Iran and India. The players employ their bold and exacting techniques to express the often melancholy and occasionally joyful passions of pieces contributed by Yugoslavia-born Aleksandra Vrebalov, Portuguese guitarist Carlos Paredes, bassist Enrique Rangel (of the rock en espaÒol band Café Tacuba), Northern Californian godfather of minimalism Terry Riley, and others. On selected tracks they augment their strings with other instruments, including electronic percussion on Riley's "Cortejo F˙nebre en el Monte Diablo," Zakir Hussain's tabla on "Aaj Ki Raat," Kayhan Kalhor's kamancheh (Persian spike fiddle) on his "Gallop of a Thousand Horses," the Romanian gypsy band Taraf de HaÔdouks on "Turceasca," and surf-rock drummer Martyn Jones on "Misirlou Twist." At once enlarging its sound and its musical vision, Kronos has brought forth another internationally flavored masterwork that guarantees our understanding of chamber music will never be the same.