Lean, Clean Machines


The longer Karen Evans practiced yoga, the more aware she became of how her behavior affected the environment. As her practice deepened, so did her resolve to lighten her load on the road. So, this native of St. Petersburg, Florida, traded in her gas-guzzling SUV for a Honda Civic Hybrid.

Car manufacturers are making it easier for everyone to go green. Toyota's Prius and Honda's Civic Hybrid and Insight have led the way, but other car makers are catching on. Ford recently introduced its Hybrid Escape, and over the next three years up to 18 hybrid models will be available from GMC, Lexus, Saturn, and Chevrolet.

If you aren't ready for a hybrid yet, you can still find a "greener" car. Visit www.greenercars.com and check out Green Book Online, which lists emission standards, fuel costs, CO2 emissions, and overall environmental impact for all 2005 vehicles. Go here for more information about green cars.