How Much Will You Spend on Yoga Pants?

There’s a pair out there for everyone—and at every budget. We rounded up the least expensive to the most expensive yoga pants so you can see where your favorite pair falls on the list.
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Here is Yoga Journal’s roundup of least to most expensive yoga pants, so you can land on the pair that’s perfect for your budget.

A good pair of yoga pants are a staple in every yogi’s wardrobe. Even if you’re not practicing yoga or working out regularly, yoga pants are fashionable, versatile, and comfortable. After all, athleisure wear—you know, stylish workout looks that can take you from yoga to brunch to heck, even the office—is having a moment for a reason.

So, whether you’re looking for a new pair of yoga pants or want to upgrade your current yoga wardrobe, read on for our roundup of our current favorites—listed here from least to most expensive.

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About the Author

Bridget “Bee” Creel is the editorial producer for Yoga Journal. She works as a yoga teacher in NYC and is the co-founder of the wellness community, Mood Room