Legacy of Love: My Education in the Path of Nonviolence by Arun Gandhi


North Bay Books, www.northbaybooks.com.

In this slim but compelling volume--part memoir, part homily on contemporary activism--Arun Gandhi, grandson of the 20th century's greatest proponent of nonviolence, offers a coherent argument for nonviolence as the most practical, as well as the most exalted, means of achieving social change.

In the 55 years since he was assassinated, Mohandas K. Gandhi--the Mahatma, or "Great Soul"--has strongly influenced the modern world, and his "experiments with truth" (a term used as the title of his autobiography) have proven both miraculously viable and distressingly unattainable. Yet his singular passion, reasoning, and spiritual brilliance beckon to us today more urgently than ever.

Uniquely positioned to examine his grandfather's legacy and expound on its application to the conflicts in modern society, Arun Gandhi shares in this book personal reminiscences from his time with his grandfather, as well as other family anecdotes and significant accounts from the historical record.

Arun also applies the lessons from life he acquired in his remarkable family to the moral issues and imperatives facing each individual, whether at home, at work, or on the spiritual journey. As the Mahatma was the quintessential karma yogi, his grandson's book will do much to enliven Gandhi's legacy for modern yogis who long to find their path of service in the world. Beyond that, this is a book for every citizen of our planet.