Love Reigns

Love Reigns, by Diana Rogers. Sounds True;

Diana Rogers shines a feminine light on familiar Sanskrit chants traditionally led by men. Most of these tracks feature female voices in call-and-response, creating a sense of community and sisterhood.
Setting the tone for the album, with its longing for the Divine and its expression of love and devotion, is “Jai Radha Madhava,” a traditional chant that incorporates a spoken poem written by Brazilian yoga teacher (and Jai Uttal’s wife) Nubia Teixeira. The haunting vocals are accompanied by the tabla, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonium, ektar, and Nepalese bamboo flute. (Uttal plays dotar, melodica, and banjo on the album, too.) Whether you’re interested in exploring the essence of kirtan or simply looking for something soothing to listen to as you practice yoga, Love Reigns will be a memorable, moving addition to your collection.