Lululemon Founder Apologizes

After controversial comments about who can wear Lululemon yoga pants sparked threats of a boycott of the brand, Chip Wilson issues an apology.

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson has apologized for the most recent scandal surrounding comments he made blaming the company’s issues with product quality on women’s thighs rubbing together as they wear Lululemon’s famous yoga pants.

“I’m sad. I’m really sad. I’m sad for the repercussions of my actions,” Wilson said on a video posted to Lululemon’s YouTube page Friday. “I’m sad for the people of Lululemon who I care so much about that have really had to face the brunt of my actions. I take responsibility for all that has occurred and the impact it has had on you I’m sorry to have put you all through this.”

While Wilson might be sorry for the bad press, he didn’t explicitly apologize for offending the company’s customers in the short video—something that many YouTube commenters pointed out.

The apology might not be enough to put an end to rumblings of a Lululemon boycott, which seems to be gaining ground online. A blog post written by yoga teacher Maya Devi Georg points out many of Lululemon’s business practices that she believes are “antithetical to yoga,” including overseas production and discrimination against larger sized women and other issues.

“The message I get from Lululemon in its advertisements and by its policy is one of mockery,” she writes. “I feel that Lululemon mocks yoga and yoga practitioners. These messages exploit our insecurities, and simply tell us that we are mediocre, we are not enough.”