Max Strom Yoga: Strength Grace and Healing with Max Strom; 200 minutes

This aesthetically pleasing video from Southern California teacher Max Strom features three white-clad models expertly filmed in a bare studio backlit by large windows. The whole scene sets a soothing, ethereal mood for the 90-minute practice. After opening with some reclining warm-ups and a tai-chi-like standing exercise, Strom takes you through a modified slow-motion flow Sun Salutation, leading to a sequence of about a half dozen standing poses, and finishes with a few sitting poses, Bridge, a Legs-up-the-Wall cool-down, and a sitting breath meditation.

Additionally, there are 11 three- to five-minute “workshops” that focus on different aspects of the main practice, such as Downward Dog, Tree Pose, and Cobra. Strom has thoughtfully arranged it so you can move directly from a pose to its accompanying workshop, which provides insight and support to your work. Also included in this two-disc package is a 45-minute version of the 90-minute practice as well as a 5-minute sitting meditation. Strom has an authoritativebut reassuring presence and a methodical, precise approach to the poses, with a definite “heartfelt” flavoring, making this set excellent for all beginning and intermediate students wanting a gentle practice.