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May 2021 Forecast: Navigating the Drama of Eclipse Season

Our monthly planetary invitations help you find embodied alignment in your daily life through perspective, reflections, and inquiry. Here's what's in store for May 2021.

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We’re entering eclipse season—a time that foreshadow themes in our personal lives that need work. When we align with these divine cycles by taking time for self-reflection, we can tap deeply into our purpose and be a stabilizing force and resource for others.

This is a good time to find a place, in nature or simply space in your heart, that makes you feel calm in order to manifest your deepest desires. Meditate on how your desires connect to your community—on how they expand resources for all, not just you.

Expect steady energy in early May, thanks to solid and secure Taurus. Be mindful to set boundaries around consuming information, communicating with others, and sharing your ideas with discernment. This month would be a great time to revisit the first two limbs of yoga—the yamas and niyamas—for ethical guidance. Spend some time journaling your thoughts and reflections around ahimsa (non-harming), aparigraha (non-grasping), and satya (truthfulness).

Key Planetary Dates

May 3: Mercury, the planet of communication, enters into its home sign of Gemini. This movement can create a dualistic state of mind. Your thoughts have an increased capacity for creativity on one hand, however, this period can also heighten your distractedness—especially if you’re already prone to “monkey mind.” Holding your hands in Buddhi mudra (little finger and thumb touch while the other three fingers extend) can help you organize your thoughts.

May 8: This week Venus, too, enters Gemini, bringing with it the invitation to connect with a greater variety of people than you typically do. Today is a good time to reflect: Who have you lost contact with that it would feel good to connect with again? Try a heart-opening pose to channel that energy.

May 11: The new moon in Taurus invites you to get closer with the earth. Find time to relish in nature and its beauty—literally putting your hands in the dirt if possible. Gardening or even tending to an indoor plant can bring a sense of groundedness, and allow you to become rooted in gratitude for being provided for. Remember that earth has always been our primary resource.

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May 12: Saturn in Aquarius continues to bring more awareness to the need for liberation and restructuring while forming a “trine” (an astrological aspect that creates an ease of flow) with Mercury in Gemini. During this time you’ll be drawn to think innovatively and look for new ways to inspire change, both personally and for the collective.

May 13: Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters its home sign of dreamy Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces invites us to tap into our intuitive self and deeper truth. These reflections can bring us inspiring hopes for what is to come, yet also, we should be wary: Jupiter’s expansive nature can lead us into exaggerating how good things actually are. A daily contemplation of our relationship with dhyana, the seventh limb of yoga, can bring clarity.

May 20: As Gemini season begins, be mindful that the dualistic nature of this sign is not so much about differences as it is about differentiation. To see difference is not to separate—it is to develop a refined understanding of reality as a whole. We can see this reflected in the idea of yoga itself: Yoga philosophy separates each limb, yet the practice is ultimately about the union of all parts. Where can you apply this thinking in your everyday life?

May 23: Today Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn retrograde is always a time of extended reflection—finding solitude and deepening your personal meditation practice can be helpful throughout this period, as you work towards understanding your unique contributions to your community and the planet. A 12-minute Kirtan Kriya Kundalini meditation can help you focus.

May 26: This date brings a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. The symbolic “turning off the lights” invites you to engage in a deep reverence for unseen forces at work. Right now is an ideal time for contemplative practice, baths, and repeating mantras devoted to releasing your emotional attachments. Focus on turning inward, allowing for what is in the dark to be seen.

May 29: At the end of the month, Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini. This retrograde period is asking us to review and renew our relationship with active curiosity rather than allowing others’ opinions to steer our thought processes. Where in your life are you doing things that you think you are “supposed” to do, versus doing things that you truly want to do? Prioritize coming back to your truth.

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