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Your May-June Yoga Horoscope

The stars may hold the key to how you serve in the world. Find your sign and chart your course for the next two months.

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When you turn toward the things that fill you with a sense of purpose, you become a channel for more of the same. Since the sun represents your essential Self, the sign it was in on the day you were born can guide you toward living your purpose. Here’s a glimpse into what’s in the stars for you during May and June.

ARIES (March 21–April 19)

Embody the mark you wish to make on the world. Pinpoint the habits that undermine you, and leave anything that drains or distracts you behind. Whether that means developing better boundaries or learning to be more direct about your needs and beliefs, you’ll have opportunities to clarify your messages.

TAURUS (April 20–May 20)

Get serious about your long-term goals. Wanting to achieve something is not enough to get you there. The next 40 days challenge you to review your relationship to your
talents, assets, and resources. How you spend your hard-earned income comes under inspection, but so too does how you make it.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20)

There’s a heavy emphasis on the baggage you need to set down—and a need to forge a deeper relationship with yourself. The more structures you embrace that support your mental, physical, and emotional self, the better. Pay attention to what you choose to prioritize in relationships and why.

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LIBRA (September 21–October 20)

Review where you’re going and how you plan to get there. The most valuable aspect of any journey is what it helps you understand about yourself. You long for meaning and are willing to risk your comfort for it. Soon you’ll reevaluate the quality of your connections and the agreements that keep you together.

SCORPIO (October 21–November 20)

What you’re responsible for and what others need to carry on their own come into focus. Beginning in May, contracts are rethought, renewed, or released. Some part of your heart needs to be retrieved from an old relationship, an investment that’s expired, or a deal gone wrong. It will soon make itself known.

SAGITTARIUS (November21–December 20)

To accomplish your goals, you need an accom-plice, and it appears many will come your way. Learning whom to go steady with and whom to keep in the friend zone is essential in romance and lifesaving in business. By May, you’ll notice some of your agreements need updates if you want to build the kind of prosperity you desire.

CANCER (June 21–July 20)

During the next two months, you’ll be inclined to focus on behind-the-scenes projects and aspects of your life far from the public eye. Your ability to be a productive Wizard of your own Oz makes all the difference in what the world receives from you—and prepares you for the remainder of the year when you’ll burn brightly.

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LEO (July 21–August 20)

Much magic can be made with others when you’re clear about what you can bring and what you can’t or don’t want to offer. Now is a perfect time to gain the courage to be as honest as possible and to allow the lessons you learn through friendships to help you deepen your relationship with yourself.

VIRGO (August 21–September 20)

Beginning in May, the focus lands squarely on your career path. There is both a surge in desire to accomplish big things as well as a need to review your relationship to your professional life. The desire for beauty, connection, and getting your needs met—both at work and in your home life—will be prominent.

CAPRICORN (December 21–January 20)

You are encouraged to review your relationship to your work projects, routines, and rituals now. Professional connections get a thorough investigation and any interpersonal dynamics that may need adjustments become increasingly louder until you listen to them. It’s time to master the art of being on your own side.

AQUARIUS ( January 21–February 20)

The emphasis for May and June is on
play, creativity, and romantic entanglements. The planets demand that you thoroughly investigate all the ways in which you are using your creative energy. Your appetite for making things is maximized and being selective is key to producing great works of art.

PISCES (February 21–March 20)

Do a little nesting. Reorganize your closets, replant your favorite green friends, and root down into domestic bliss. In order do that, however, you’ll need to clear out a little space for yourself. You are in need of a safe place to land right now and it’s up to you to give that to yourself—no matter what others may ask of you.

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