Make Mornings Easy by Prepping Smoothies Ahead of Time

Simplify your a.m. routine.

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Smoothies are a simple, delicious way to get in a nutrient-dense breakfast without a lot of work. In this installment of Mastering Meal Prep, New York Times Bestselling Cookbook Author Elyse Kopecky tackles the best ways to prep smoothies and smoothie ingredients, including fruits, veggies, and add-ins.

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Part of the Mastering Meal Prep with Elyse Kopecky video series. Learn more smoothie how-tos here:

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I’m gonna teach you how to meal prep ingredients for nutrient-dense smoothies. At 6 a.m., when you wake up, the last thing you feel like doing is washing kale or chopping carrots. By having your ingredients for smoothies prepped in advance, you’ll be able to pull off a nutrient-dense smoothie before you rush out the door.

I’m going to now teach you about my favorite fruits to include in smoothies and other ingredients that add a lot of flavor and nourishment. So when you’re meal prepping on the weekend, you can also prep your fruit to include in your smoothie.

I always include a mix of different fruits. You can buy them in bags, already frozen at the store, like mango and strawberries and blueberries and other berries. Bananas are a go-to ingredient for me. All you do is you want to peel it before freezing it. And this is a pretty large banana, so I’m going to cut it or break it in half and put it in a glass storage freezer container.

I just always have a container in the freezer that I continually add to. So anytime I have a half-eaten banana from a kid or a banana that is getting too ripe, I toss it into my container. And I just keep these stashed in the freezer. You want to definitely freeze your bananas at least overnight so they’re really, fully frozen in the morning when you blend up your smoothie.