Meet Your Match

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Imagine meeting your true love in yoga class. Would that be a dream come true, or what? For Kirsten Manges it was. In the summer of 2000, she met her Prince Charming at a Laughing Lotus Sunset Rooftop Yoga class in New York City.

If she was going to make a good first impression anywhere, she says, it would be in yoga class. "It's a place where you can relax," Manges says. "You get to see people at their best because they're being themselves." The low-key atmosphere of Laughing Lotus helped Kirsten and her chosen one, Ken Hamm, cement their relationship: The two were married last September. And they aren't the only couple to emerge from that studio.
"When people find yoga, they don't usually do the club scene anymore," says Dana Flynn, one of the cofounders of Laughing Lotus. "But they still want to meet people. Here, they can meet people who want to live in a more true way."

Other studios are doing what they can to encourage the love connection. One Taste, an urban retreat center in San Francisco, offers yogi mixers called "The Art of Seduction," and Yoga Tree in San Francisco organizes partner yoga classes to which you don't have to bring a partner.