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The Best Natural Makeup Products of 2015

Look fabulous naturally with the 8 winning makeup products in Yoga Journal's Natural Beauty Awards.

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Look fabulous naturally with the 8 winning makeup products in Yoga Journal’s Natural Beauty Awards. 


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Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara, $14,

Star ingredient: Coconut oil nourishes lashes in this easy-on-the-eyes mascara that passed our smudge test.
Tester feedback: “This product felt so natural and weightless.” —Lizabeth Rolfson, marketing and public relations director, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

BB/CC Cream


Logona Naturkosmetik Age Protection CC Fluid 8 in 1, $40,

Star ingredient: Sea buckthorn berry extract repairs skin damage and reduces pigment spots.
Tester feedback: “Its light and creamy texture was good for moisturizing.” —Amy Orlandi, nutrition educator, San Francisco



Rituals Lipstick, $19,

Star ingredients: Sweet almond and jojoba oils moisturize, while gemstone powder adds sparkle.
Tester feedback: “This lipstick glides on smoothly, has great, lasting coverage, and isn’t overbearing with fragrance. It’s an excellent product that I’ve added to my professional makeup kit.” —Beth Walker, makeup artist, Boulder, Colorado

Tinted Lip Balm


Kari Gran Lip Whip, $15–20,

Star ingredients: This luxurious blend of castor, sunflower, and olive oils heals and moisturizes.
Tester feedback: “It’s smooth, without feeling cloying or sticky; it’s the best tinted lip balm I’ve ever used.” —Julia Alberg-Burbank, yoga teacher, La Quinta, California

Nail Polish


Karma Naturals, $10,

Star ingredients: Free of toluene (a neurotoxicant), formaldehyde (a probable carcinogen), and DBP (a phthalate), this polish relies on natural pigments for coloring.
Tester feedback: “The color is long lasting; it didn’t chip or fade.” —Gail Neuendorf, New York City

Nail Polish Remover

karma naturals polish remover

Karma Naturals Nail Polish Remover, $12,

Star ingredients: Soybean oil infused with lavender makes this a mild, refreshing, and quick-acting nail polish remover.
Tester feedback: “The scent—not too strong—was more pleasant than traditional alternatives.” —Kate Clark, attorney, San Diego

Lip Balm


J.R. Watkins Peppermint Lip Balm, $3,

Star ingredient: Peppermint oil delivers just the right dose of sheen, a pleasant scent, and a cooling effect.
Tester feedback: “Beeswax and peppermint oil mingle to create pure pleasure. It’s great under lipstick, too.” —Amanda Dumenigo, equine learning facilitator, Longmont, Colorado

SPF Lip Balm

eco lips spf, lip balm, chapstick

Eco Lips Zinc Sunscreen SPF 15 Mint Lip Balm, $3.50,

Star ingredients: Organic avocado, tamanu, sea bucktorn, and red raspberry seed oils help moisturize and protect against aging, while non-whitening zinc oxide shields your lips from sun exposure.
Tester feedback: “Beeswax and peppermint oil mingle to create pure pleasure.” —Tanya Cantu, marketing designer (Yoga Journal), Boulder, Colorado

What’s Inside Your Makeup?

beauty products, sunflowers

Ingredients to avoid

Oxybenzone Also known as benzophenone-3 or BP3, oxybenzone is used in personal-care products like lip balm, sunscreen, and nail polish as a photostabilizer to prevent them from deteriorating in UV light. The Environmental Working Group links oxybenzone to allergies, irritation, and endocrine disruption. And a whopping 97 percent of Americans have some level of oxybenzone in their bodies, according to a 2008 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study. Look instead for lip balm that contains non-nanosized zinc oxide or titanium dioxide—mineral sunscreens that offer similar coverage with minimal risk.

Ingredients to adore

Argan oil This plant-based oil has quickly achieved cult status as the must-have ingredient in a gamut of personal-care products. Beauty companies attribute argan oil’s ability to accelerate skin repair to its nutrient-rich content, which includes vitamin E, anti-inflammatory linoleic acid, and triterpenoids—phytochemicals that offer a wide range of antioxidant benefits. Argan multitasks like no other standalone oil: Its uses range from a deep conditioning treatment for lashes and hair to a remedy for stretch marks and acne.