Does CorePower Yoga Have a Corporate Problem?

The New York Times says CorePower Yoga preys on students to feed its profit machine.
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We gathered responses from the yoga community about the CorePower Yoga story published in the New York Times. 

On Friday The New York Times published an article painting the CorePower Yoga chain as a corporate machine that preys on students to boost profits. According to The Times, the Denver, Colorado–based yoga company is currently facing a federal lawsuit (it’s fourth to date) from teachers who argue CorePower pays them less than minimum wage because of off-the-clock mandated work such as designing yoga sequences and music playlists.

“The CorePower method has been to take practices common at indie and community studios and turn them into profit engines. It has harnessed the spiritual traditions of yoga similarly,” wrote The Times. The article also alleges that sources say they felt misled about the purpose, cost, or length of CorePower teacher training—or felt pressured to mislead others.

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Here’s how the community is responding on social: