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October 2021 Astrological Forecast: Move Out Of The Shadows

This month urges you to search for clarity, question how you're finding balance, and serve both yourself and your community.

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October is full of the influence of action-oriented Mars. Both the new moon and full moon this month have close ties with the red planet. Early in the month, the new moon emphasizes discernment between balance and harmony. When we speak of balance, we often assume that everything must be distributed evenly, whereas harmony tends to create a sense of peace through agreeable proportions. You might be able to apply this awareness to your life.

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A couple of weeks later, the full moon takes place in Aries, which is also ruled by Mars. The planet’s influence emphasizes your primal side and your ability to respond to life from an instinctual knowing rather than from a place of excess thought. Beware: it can be easy to lean too far into instinct, so actively cultivate a balance between these two approaches to life. October is an ideal time to get in touch with what keeps you reactive rather than responsive. The planet’s co-presence with the moon in Aries brings an invitation for you to check in with your energy reserves and to work consciously towards keeping your actions in harmony with your intentions

At the end of the month, both the sun and Mars move into emotionally investigative Scorpio. Don’t be afraid to address things that are waiting to emerge from the shadows: Acknowledging your darkness will serve you in achieving some semblance of balance and a deeper understanding of your coexisting light.

Key planetary dates

October 6: The new moon in Libra is in conjunction with Mars, which means the moon is tied at the hip with the planet Mars. This invites you to start the lunar cycle willing to bring direct action towards the creation of harmony, both in your individual life and with the world at large. 

The sign of Libra often brings a tendency toward people-pleasing; however, with fiery Mars co-present, the new moon instead asks you to weigh your battles: Which situations must you address to attain peace and cooperation? Also, reconsider your definition of cooperation. It is commonly viewed as two parties getting along and working together well. With this new moon, the invitation is to be willing to engage in a tug-of-war to work through any difficult relationship dynamics, whether the resistance you find is to your partner, friends, job, or daily practices. 

On the same day, the outer planet of Pluto goes direct from its retrograde cycle that began at the end of April. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, reshaping the structure of our society and asking the collective to rid itself of the distorted systems that have been in place for a very long time. Pluto going direct with the new moon will bring a deep sense of awareness around how your boundaries have either been creating a sense of empowerment or leaving you feeling disempowered. 

October 8th: The planet of relationships, Venus, encounters the sign of Sagittarius, which is all about truth-telling and adventure-seeking. Be mindful during this transit to observe where in your life you feel like you have not spoken your full truth in relationships. This can also be an invitation to think about how your relationships can be experienced in a way that brings you more enjoyment, adventure, and humor. If these positive energetics don’t exist, Venus-in-Sagittarius energy might compensate by exaggerating any existing problems or drama in your relationships. As you ask for your needs, remember that the new moon asks you to assert yourself, but in a manner that is in proportion to your current circumstances. 

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October 9th: Mercury cazimi takes place in Libra. A cazimi takes place when a planet comes within 17 degrees of the sun, and we find Mercury in this position every retrograde cycle. When the planet takes this position and is scorched by the sun, it signifies the midpoint of the retrograde period. The invitation behind this stellar experience is to reorient your thinking mind back to your heart-mind. This particular Mercury cazimi is in the sign of harmony, Libra, along with the planet of war, Mars, so it has a lot of dynamic energy. Expect sudden shifts in perspective and aha moments.

October 10th: Saturn moves direct in Aquarius following a retrograde period beginning in late May. Think back to what was going on for you several months ago. You might start to experience more ease in this part of your life. Also, Saturn in Aquarius asks you to check in with the ways you are participating in structures that are outdated and serve only a small group of people. Following this time of dealing with your internal challenges, you are being invited to put more effort and action towards social change.

October 18th: Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury in Libra each go direct as they shift out of retrograde. Jupiter represents right brain functioning whereas Mercury represents left brain function. These events happening on the same day create a strong invitation to be mindful to not separate the two types of functioning. Instead, allow them to become more balanced, more integrated, and more cohesive in your day-to-day life.

October 20th: The full moon in Aries. This event features an opposition of Mars with the moon and highlights again the fiery planet during another lunation. The full moon has much less to do with being in the world of thought and is instead deeply related to an ability to be in relationship with your primal nature. When you can see what your instinctual nature is calling for your to do, then you do not have to rely on thoughts projected into the future. You can exist in the present moment with more ease and grace. This full moon can bring to light the instinctive action you are being asked to take so you can move forward.

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October 22nd: The sun moves into Scorpio. This sign is all about sinking into your emotional depths and accessing the parts of yourself that cause stagnation. (It is perhaps not a coincidence that many cultures celebrate death during Scorpio season.) The sun in Scorpio shines a light on some of the darkest places that exist within us. 

October 30th: Mars enters Scorpio. When Mars stations in the sign that is considered its dwelling place, it can access the resources it needs to act out of its essence. The planet in Scorpio asks us to break through any and all fears that hold us back from vulnerable expression while being mindful that we do not need to merge with anything and everything. Know how to say no to what doesn’t make your soul sing as well as how to say yes to life—even when it presents you with difficulty.

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