Our Favorite Things: Block Party

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  1. Stingray long-sleeve surf shirt and swim shorts, $60 and $28 at www.solartex.com.
  2. Stingray short-leeve jacket and front-lace shorts, $50 and $29 at www.solartex.com.
  3. Sigg Blue Touch Active water bottle with anti-slip coating, $20.
  4. Ex Officio Buzz Off Wicknit hood, $69 at www.exofficio.com.
  5. Triple J Sportswear lettuce-edge shirt, $36 at www.triplejsportswear.com.
  6. Sportif Nevis capris, $39 at www.sportif.com.
  7. Xcel toddler short-sleeve sun shorty, $43.50 at www.xcelwetsuits.com.