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Presented By lululemon: More than Pretty Pictures

Can Getty's Lean In stock photography collection help create a culture of self-acceptance?
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At the lululemon/Yoga Journal Practice of Leadership conference earlier this summer, passionate discussion revolved around the representation of the “yoga body” in popular culture. And the conclusion was unanimous: Marketing imagery must be more multi-dimensional and inclusive—celebrating yogis of all ages, colors, and sizes.

Of course, it’s a conversation that reverberates beyond the yoga world. From cartoon heroines to magazine covers, real girls and women rarely see themselves reflected in the images that bombard them. Which is why stock photo house Getty Images and Lean In, Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg’s non-profit, have partnered to produce images that empower women by portraying them as complex, diverse, and authentic beings.

The new Lean In collection, which currently features over 3,000 photos, is offered alongside traditional imagery from the Getty archives. So an advertiser can now choose a shot of a silver-haired septuagenarian in workout clothes (vs. a young, blonde fitness model), a teenage girl in a hockey mask (vs. talking on the phone), or an elementary school student doing science homework (vs. playing with dolls). The collection isn't as deep as one might hope (no yogis!), but the subtle messages its imagery sends are often strikingly different from those typically telegraphed throughout pop culture.

Take a look at the "before" and "after" images we found to illustrate a few of our favorite words:


Traditional stock image:

#173805381 /

Lean In/Getty image:

#495830085 /


Traditional stock image:

#157537094 /

Lean In/Getty image:

#147383491 /


Traditional stock image:

#488860277 /

Lean In/Getty image:

#186422833 /

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