5 Poses That Fill YJ Readers With Gratitude

Five readers share a photo the yoga pose they're most grateful for.

Five readers share a photo the yoga pose they’re most grateful for.

tree pose, vrksasana, child, autumn, leaves

“Tree Pose is one of the first poses through which I could get a sense of finding internal balance. It helps me be a little calmer and steadier while raising a son with special needs.”

—Sarah Scafidi-McGuire, Canton, New York

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one-legged king pigeon pose, eka pada rajakpotasana

“The first time my toes slid effortlessly toward my forehead, I came to know the light that had been there all along. It was the first moment that I truly knew peace.”

—Julie Gewerth, Sacramento, California

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dancer's pose, natajurasana

“Physically, I enjoy the feeling of every muscle in my body working in Natarajasana. Spiritually, my mind and soul switch to a state of meditation.”

Mishka Statkowski, Valencia, Spain

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scale pose, tolasana

“Experimenting with floating Lotus allows me to take a break from the monotony of day-to-day life. It’s a way to push my practice to creative limits, even when confined to my apartment.”

—Jesse Blakeney, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada

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mountains, corpse pose with cactus arms, savasana

“Savasana is the most powerful and challenging pose. It nourishes my soul.”

Monica Munguia, Boulder, Colorado

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