Prana in the Belly: 4 Steps to a Healthy Core Body + Digestive System - Yoga Journal

Prana In the Belly: 4 Steps to a Healthy Core + Digestive System

Bo Forbes teaches how to release tension, increase prana, and promote physical and emotional digestion in the belly.

Did you know that your gut has a mind of its own? The body not only holds us upright, but it is also our central intelligence agency. It is home to our enteric nervous system, also known as the "belly brain," which makes up an incredible 75% of our immunity. It also manufactures its own hormones, including the mood-balancing neurotransmitter serotonin and natural painkillers. So how do we keep this system in optimal health? A yoga practice that releases physical and emotional tension in the abdominal area, increases "prana in the belly," and promotes physical and emotional digestion.

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