Preparing For Birth With Yoga: Empowering and Effective Exercise for Pregnancy and Childbirth by Janet Balaskas



Childbirth educator Janet Balaskas, author of several books on pregnancy and birth and founder of the Active Birth movement, has made a successful foray into the field of yoga for pregnancy and childbirth with this resource. It's uniquely valuable for yoginis (even beginners) who are trying to conceive or are in any stage of pregnancy. It combines a wealth of knowledge about how the body changes during pregnancy and delivery with an acute understanding of how yoga (including breathwork and relaxation) can support a woman through pregnancy and facilitate labor. Inspired in part by the work of the late Vanda Scaravelli, Balaskas outlines a comprehensive practice (including modifications as well as auxiliary stances and squats) and even provides a number of exercises and positions (standing, seated, lying, in bed, on cushions, or in water) that can be used during labor. It's not the first book on yoga and pregnancy, but it is one of the best we've seen.