Q+A: Grace Flowers on Pregnancy + Living Wholeheartedly

Grace Flowers was 20 weeks pregnant during the photoshoot. Carin Gorrell took the opportunity to gather pregnancy, practice, and life wisdom from Grace.

When we photographed Grace Flowers for this issue, she was 20 weeks pregnant (not that anyone could tell!). And, it turns out, I was pregnant too, though I didn’t yet know. So later, I took the opportunity to gather some pregnancy, practice, and life wisdom from Grace.

Carin Gorrell: Before teaching yoga, you worked in the corporate world and had built a successful visual merchandising business by age 25. What spurred the transition to teaching?
Grace Flowers: My 20s were spent jet-setting, climbing ladders, making money. None of what I was doing truly resonated in my heart, so I set about changing that in 2008. I had been practicing yoga for nearly eight years, and thought that it would be nice to teach. I believe that whatever you are destined to do in this lifetime chooses you. I believe yoga chose me. And here I am.

CG: What advice would you give someone considering a career in yoga instruction?
GF: If you really want longevity as a teacher, I believe you have to 1) love, wholeheartedly, and 2) live, wholeheartedly, yoga. Yoga is a lifelong study, and you become a lifelong student.

CG: Did yoga play a role in your fertility journey?
GF: Yes, a massive role. My husband and I wanted to start a family, but I needed to create space for it in my life both physically, given my packed schedule, and energetically, to make sure my marriage was rock solid before we brought a child into this world. My physical practice softened to prepare my body for conception. Meditation helped me to connect with peace, serenity, and trust in Source. A few years later, here we are. We wouldn’t have arrived here without this practice.

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CG: How has pregnancy changed your practice?
GF:Restorative postures that invite Ms. Bolster and Mr. Blocks to the party make this pregnant mama-to-be a very happy yogini!

CG: What’s your favorite pose, and why?
GF: Right now, it’s Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose). It’s a delicious stretch for my pregnant body and helps to relieve some of my sacral tension.

CG: Do you have a mantra or words of wisdom that you live by?
GF: Live Love Now. It’s a mantra that my husband, Jayson, and I have engraved on our wedding bands. Stay tuned—we are going to start a Live Love Now revolution!