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Q&A with Kat Fowler: On Essential Oils and Traveling as a Yogi

Kat Fowler's lighthearted and inspirational style of teaching encourages personal expression, inner connection and courage through movement.
kat fowler

Kat Fowler is a New York City based yoga teacher known for her lighthearted and inspirational style of teaching that encourages personal expression, inner connection and courage through movement. She teaches in NYC at Pure Yoga and Yoga Vida, privately, or online. Learn more about Kat at katfowleryoga.com.

Q: What do you love most about traveling?
I love how traveling gives you perspective and reminds you of what’s really important. When I travel across the world I like finding similar people, interested in similar things (yoga/meditation), in a totally different culture. It’s an amazing thing to see how yoga can unify so many people.

Q: You often teach and lead retreats beyond NYC. What’s your advice to those attending a training or retreat in another country?
Do as much research as possible on the country/weather/and culture before you arrive, and always keep an open mind!

Q: Let’s talk packing. What are your essentials?
Essentials: my passport, headphones, travel yoga mat, my travel water bottle, vitamins and homeopathic tinctures to stay healthy, my favorite teas, an eye mask for sleeping on the plane, and I always bring my lavender essential oil roll-on to help me relax the first night in a new place.

 Q: What has been your best yoga experience outside of NYC?
I love leading retreats in my second home, Aruba. The beauty and serenity of endless private beaches gives space for everyone on to truly relax and rejuvenate.

Q: What are your travel tips for staying sane?
When traveling I love to bring my roll-on peppermint oil. It helps me to stay refreshed while on the plane for a few hours. I stick to a routine 10-minute meditation in the mornings and evenings in my hotel room, as well as a few rounds of sun salutations in the morning to get moving. I also always bring some homeopathic remedies and a Good Nite essential oil for sleeping well while adjusting to jet lag.

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