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Real Men Do Yoga


Review of Real Men Do Yoga: 21 Star Athletes Reveal Their Secrets for Strength, Flexibility and Peak Performance by John Capouya

This may be the world's most in-your-face yoga guide; the author himself describes his approach as "determinedly macho" and "non-New Agey." Capouya, a veteran journalist and yoga enthusiast, picks up where YJ's September/October 2001 article "Peak Performers" left off: He interviews nearly two dozen notable athletes—as well as a host of "real men" (truck drivers, architects, building contractors, and so on)—about the benefits they've enjoyed from their yoga practices, provides instructions for dozens of poses, and generally bangs a gong for the kinds of payoffs that might attract certain "regular guys" to yoga: strength, flexibility, endurance, focus, relaxation, and even, um, better sex. You won't find anything about the yamas or niyamas here, but you just might interest that Gatorade-slammin' fella of yours in accompanying you to class after he peruses this X Games-esque volume.