Real World Yoga

Real World Yoga, with Jackie Camborde. BayView Films;

Some people have a mistaken idea about yoga, believing that you have to contort yourself into pretzel shapes to fully engage in the practice. Real World Yoga is a corrective of sorts, maintaining that anyone can do real yoga—even though your pretzel might be the stick kind.

Jackie Camborde, owner of the Sante Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has a varied background in yoga, dance, and Pilates. She’s a very engaging teacher—lighthearted but straightforward with her instructions, cautious with rank beginners, and brimming with ideas of what goes where in each exercise. Her models demonstrate either end of the spectrum (beginners can watch the model on the left; experienced students watch the model on the right) as they move through a basic 50-minute sequence of warm-ups, standing postures, baby backbends, seated and reclining twists, and relaxation. This yoga DVD is a satisfying workout, suitable for your favorite novice or your Aunt Em who’s been practicing on and off for 20 years. The disc includes a 15-minute “instructor’s corner,” in which Camborde and her able assistant break down and analyze simple postures.