Rina Jakubowicz: How to Become a Vegan + Stay Healthy

Yogi Rina Jakubowicz shares her simple tips and tricks on how to live a healthy vegan lifestyle on the go.
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Yogi Rina Jakubowicz shares her simple tips and tricks on how to live a healthy vegan lifestyle on the go.

Yoga Journal:What’s your advice on someone looking to begin a vegan lifestyle?
Rina Jakubowicz: Take it one step at a time and don’t judge yourself regardless of your choices that day. It’s a process so don’t be too hard on yourself if you need to cheat a little bit. Also, don’t try to change people’s minds who aren’t vegan. Just be you and don’t preach about your new decision.

YJ:What’s your favorite vegan “junk food”?
RJ:  Ooooooh, I love some good fried “chicken” sandwiches with french fries and ketchup. I also love cereal so that’s usually my go-to if I’m craving some sugar.

YJ:Let’s talk supplements for vegans. What do you take and what do you look for in a brand?
RJ: I look for genuine interest in providing the best options for us vegans. I take some multivitamins and minerals, biotin, iron, b12, and D3. I also add protein powder to my smoothies or with my almond milk in the morning.

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YJ:Do you typically cook, eat out, or grab something at the market?
RJ: All three! Especially since I now live in LA. There are so many more options in LA than in Miami so I can eat vegan in practically every restaurant. I love cooking though so I hope to find more time to do this more often.

YJ: Any challenges with traveling or teaching yoga full-time and maintaining your vegan lifestyle?
RJ: Yeah! There’s definitely challenges when I travel. I have to think in advance and bring myself some options to munch on. I usually bring some protein powder with me and all my supplements so that I at least have those handy.

YJ:For vegans and non-vegans, what advice do you have on eating healthy?
RJ: Eating healthy is a personal journey so take time to figure out what is truly healthy for you regardless of what statistics show. Your body is constantly communicating with you so listen to it so that you can provide it with the best fuel possible.

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