Rina Jakubowicz: How Yoga Positively Impacted Her Life

Yogi Rina Jakubowicz shares some of her teaching secrets and how yoga helped her become a more well-rounded, positive person.
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Yogi Rina Jakubowicz shares some of her teaching secrets and how yoga helped her become a more well-rounded, positive person.

Yoga Journal:What made you fall in love with yoga?
Rina Jakubowicz: The way I felt after practicing. It was like my whole body was alive and I felt so refreshed, strong and relaxed all at the same time.

YJ:Can you describe your approach to teaching?
RJ: My approach is one of meeting the student where they are. I believe in being kind to yourself but also challenging yourself beyond what you think is possible. I like students to realize how powerful they truly are and I’m hopeful that my teaching inspires them in that way.

YJ:How does your intention differ in your personal practice from teaching?
RJ: My intention is very similar in both. When I practice and when I teach, my most common intention is that I stay aware of how I am best of service to others and to this world.

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YJ:What are your favorite daily poses to enliven in the morning and ground you after a long day?
RJ: My morning poses are usually some Sun Salutations and some standing poses making sure that I stretch my spine in all directions as well. What grounds me after a long day are some hip openers and some relaxing inversions.

YJ:What’s your favorite cue for Warrior II?
RJ: I think the strongest cue that helps readjust most students is reminding them to draw their ribs in and down, and not arch their backs in Warrior 2. This helps with keeping a strong core and a strong spine.

YJ:How does yoga help you live a positive life?
RJ: It’s like a direct plug into a positive life. It keeps things in perspective for me and makes me grateful for everything I have and don’t have. When you are grateful, you are positive; and in turn, happier!

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