Satyaa & Pari: Surrender


Kirtan singers Satyaa and Pari direct listeners through a tranquil set of original and traditional songs and powerful chants on their fourth album, Surrender. For years, the married couple has performed bhajans and mantras at various yoga centers and kirtan festivals throughout Europe and the United States, such as this year's Rainbow Spirit Festival in Germany. But here, on Surrender, the two have focused their musical talents to sing of peace and gratitude, balancing Satyaa's deep, almost seductive vocals with sharp flutes and the bouzouki, a Greek stringed instrument. The opening tracks set meditation in motion, while mid-album songs, such as "Mahi Maine Govind," "Tumi Bhaja Re Mana," and "Hare Murare," feature djembe and tablas for African- and Indian-inspired dance rhythms. Listeners may tire of Satyaa's soft vocals but will find a refreshing edge in "Raghupati," which features Pari's deep and soulful voice. With this album, the couple makes a strong statement of spiritual surrender and love for the Divine.